The History of our School

The Derwent School started in the 1960's. Ann (then Mosdell) left High School and started teaching RAD Ballet (Royal Academy of Dance) at Sylvania Heights where she grew-up. As the school grew she then opened a class at Miranda.

Ann married (Derwent) and moved to Oatley where she continued to open classes at Oatley West and Mortdale. She started to teach Irish Dancing after obtaining her TCRG and ADCRG (Teachers and Adjudiactors) qualifications, registered with An Coimissiun le Rinci Gaelacha.

As Irish Dancing became more popular with 'Riverdance' and 'Lord of the Dance', the classes expanded to Hornsby.

Louise Started teaching while still at High School. She successfully obtained her TCRG (Teachers) qualification and now teaches at Menai and Sutherland.

Clare has been a student at the Derwent School since 1999. She Started teaching during her second year of University under the supervision of Ann and Louise and hopes to obtain her TCRG in the near future.